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OCTOBER 2016 UPDATE: I haven't been actively airchecking or trading for quite some time due to other commitments.
If you see something in my collection list that interests you, send me an email and I'll try to accommodate.

Please forgive the design of this page - the content is more important.

As an all-around radio geek, almost any format interests me, but rock formats are my favorites (AAA, classic rock, classic hits, AOR, and so forth), followed by 80s, CHR and AC. I'm also a big fan of oldies formats that are done well, e.g. New York's CBS-FM and the late Big Oldies 93.3 of Peoria.

Can record radio airchecks on cassette, CD, MP3
Can record TV airchecks on VHS, DVD
Location: Naperville, IL (Chicago market)

E-mail: tmesser -at- tmesser -dot- com